In today’s fast paced world, one cannot afford to be caught off guard by unexpected weather changes that require car parking shades. Weather is unpredictable and it is best to be prepared at all times. This means that car park shades suppliers should always have an updated information section where you can learn about the latest news and features on their range of car parking shades. Information provided by car parking shades suppliers would include details about the material used in making the shades, styles and designs in which the shades are available, colour options and other details which are necessary to ensure a hassle-free car parking experience.

Shade Structure Suppliers in the UAE

It is very important that the shade structures provided by car parking shades suppliers are UV ray resistant. The UV ray can cause serious damage to the fabric used in the construction of the shade structures if they are not UV ray resistant. UV rays can cause fade or discolouration of the fabric and this will affect the overall look of the shades. It is important that the shades produced by the suppliers available in the market are UV ray resistant and installed individually.

There are also many car parking shades suppliers, Dubai who have a tie up with leading sunless tanning companies that can provide you with multiple colours and an assortment of designs that will help you create a perfect shade system for any commercial or residential purpose. These companies have designed uv rays resistant fabric that can be installed individually or even in multiples, depending on the requirements of the client. An important feature that has been incorporated in the UV ray resistant fabric is a dual coating on both the fabric and the frame. This ensures that even if the UV rays reach the surface of the parked vehicle, the outer layer will not turn the car black.

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