Ultrasonic Bird Repellent is very low-key, unobtrusive, and very effective means to deter pest birds & pigeons from our yards. These unique products have been specifically designed to emit high frequency sound waves which are invisible to the human ear but extremely sound-making! This type of repelling system uses the same frequency as that used by crows, ravens, and hawks as well as other bird species to attract them into their areas of choice. In other words, these sound waves turn the birds’ attraction off on a dime! Now you don’t need to hire a professional exterminator or hire a team of professionals to get rid of those pesky intruders from our backyards, you can do it yourself!

Types of pests out of my backyard altogether

I have personally used a line of ultrasonic bird deterrents on my property. I found these devices online and decided to give them a try on a couple of our birding areas. These devices were not only extremely effective at deterring birds from our yards, but they also were extremely effective at keeping other wild animals like squirrels, raccoons, deer, and many other types of pests out of my backyard altogether! I highly recommend this unique and humane bird deterrent as a means to protect your garden as well as keeping other animals like deer, raccoons, and coyotes away from your family’s personal spaces.

I would also recommend these bird repellents for anyone who is considering purchasing a bird feeder or other similar device. The device I purchased required two 12 volt batteries to operate. I also like the fact that these bird repellents do not require any solar power. In fact, these devices only require the use of one small standard size battery to scare away the birds and eliminate your need for extra large solar battery packs.

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