tow behind spreader

A Tow behind Spreader is a device that is fitted on trailers or other farm vehicles to spread fertilizer evenly throughout the area it is in contact with. The equipment uses a suction system to spread the fertilizer from the bottom of the bed to the underbelly of the trailer or other farm vehicle so that it can reach all parts of the agricultural field. The fertilizer is usually held in place by the suction pressure created by the tow behind spreader, and the device also has a feed roller that rolls over the surface of the fertilizer so that the fertilizer is distributed in thin, even strips across the bed.

The tow behind spreader is powered either by an electric motor or by hydraulic pressure from a drum guard. In either case, the drum guard needs to be firmly attached to the spread width or bed of the vehicle in order to ensure proper and even distribution of the fertilizer. If this is not done, the fertilizer could spill over the sides of the vehicle and damage the paint or rubber on the vehicle. This is one reason that a good, strong suction device is so important when using a tow behind spreader. Some spreaders have a hopper that can be inserted into the bed of the trailer or other truck to allow the fertilizer to be distributed as needed. The hopper is generally designed to release the fertilizer automatically when the work is completed so that you do not have to manually release the hopper and feed it or keep it near your working area.

Depending on the manufacturer, most of these devices require approximately two hours to complete one job. One job could include up to eight yards of fertilizer being spread if it is powered by electric motors. The actual time it takes to properly operate a tow behind spreader will depend on how much fertilizer is in the feed basket, how much room there is in the bed of the truck to accommodate the equipment and the weight of the equipment itself. For larger jobs, such as gardens or larger lawns, it may take several hours of work to feed a full yard with a spreader. It is very important to make sure that the unit you choose has the ability to handle the fertilizer and the weight of the soil so that it does not damage your truck or other equipment while in operation. There are also attachments available for these machines that can handle soil bags, fertilizers and more.

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