A psychic medium is an individual with the ability to communicate with people that have passed. In essence, a psychic medium is an individual who acts as a bridge between the spirit of the deceased and the psychical live person moving along messages between the two.

There are two types of psychics: a Live psychic, an individual who taps into the spiritual world through their extrasensory sense to look for clues in your past, present, and future lives. An ability that makes them understand what is impacting you now or what you need to avoid a disaster in the future.

A medium is the second type of psychic who gets in touch with the spirits of individuals that have left this world in the form of death.

Psychic mediums are both sensitive and intuitive enough to not only see, hear but also feel the information being passed through the spirits of the dead person.

There are a variety of ways mediums use to facilitate conversations between the living and the dead. For instance, some psychic mediums prefer utilising the art of tarot card reading to pass messages between the two worlds.

Other mediums opt to go another route where they allow the spirit of the deceased to take over their body and pass any message they have. During this state, when their bodies act as a vessel, the psychic medium isn’t aware of what is happening as he/she is usually transfixed.

Some mediums are also empathic and can share experiences with persons in both worlds. They interact with the spirits as precisely as they do with people on the physical plane.

By blending with your energy field, and that of the person that has passed. A psychic medium results in increasing his/her energy to better communicate with the soul in the spirit world.

By using platforms such as clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. The medium hears the spirit world thus making it possible to pass along accurate messages. The medium passes the information from the individual on the other side and mentions or points to things that only the person who passed could have known about them, thus proving their authenticity.

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