Below, we go through a variety of psychic medium services that you can get on this site today. All our psychics are highly-reputable and experienced and offer nothing but professional, accurate psychic medium services.

Direct Voice: over the centuries mediums have been offering their services; they have now harnessed the power of facilitating direct Voice. The phenomenon allows spirit voices to speak from mid-air, where they take over the body of the medium and pass along their message.

Unlike in a trance where they use the Voice and body of the medium, through direct voice means, the audience gets to listen to the actual Voice of the individual!

Levitation: A breathtaking psychic medium phenomena where, during a seance, the high energy spirit of the medium moves small objects around.

A table or chair will move involuntarily, or small things such as framed pictures or television channels changing without command. These are signs that the spirit of the person you’re reaching out to is present and willing to pass along messages from the deceased.

Trance Mediumship: for some people, they consider this type of mediumship as mental mediumship; however, some psychics acknowledge that it’s a separate category altogether.

In trance mediumship, the spirit takes over the psychic medium’s mind (albeit temporarily), to convey messages to the living persons, more so, their loved ones. Fortunately, a trance isn’t overly overpowering.

Loads of trance mediums recollect that they had a clue of where they were. Although agree that they are thrown into another dimension where the spirit is transmitting through their body.

Trance mediumship is regarded as the most direct communication pathway as opposed to generic mental mediumship.

The reason being, as opposed to seeing vague images and sounds, trance mediumship grants receivers, complete and accurate information coming directly from the spirit world. At times, the spirit nudges the psychic medium to speak on their behest even in different languages that the medium may not know of!

Transfiguration: an activity that is mostly undertaken in dim, red light. By watching the medium, you start seeing their features change. The changes can be either slow or at times dramatic when trying to convert the face into that of a recognisable face of someone that has passed.

It’s also fair to add that the psychic medium’s face may also change to reflect that of their guide as well!

Materialisation: this remains the rarest occurrence ever. A physical materialisation of a spirit not even in private seances is it undertaken by ordinary psychic mediums.

The only people capable of producing such results are dedicated mediums who specialise in this segment and have honed their skills for decades without stopping.

To know that the person you’re reaching out to is in your presence, you suddenly feel someone’s hand on you without seeing the individual; you feel a warm embrace (in the form of hugs), or the hand of a familiar person shaking your own!

Apports & Asports: through an entirely controlled seance session, you will be amazed when you see an apport or an asport. An apport happens to be something that pops out of thin air and reveals itself.

In most instances, this refers to something small; however, meaningful to persons present during the session. Apports can take the form of numerous tiny things such as jewellery pieces, letters, flowers, coins, flowers, or any other thing that will be valuable to the person (s) present.

Asport: this takes up the opposite role of an apport. It happens when some item in the room vanishes in thin air! At times it can go for good, but mostly the thing reappears at another spot far from where it was initially.

Side note: Now that you know what a psychic medium is and the role they play in society, feel free to book for sessions with one of our in-house mediums. We have world-famous, talented, and hardworking psychic mediums that you can reach any time of day or night.

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